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Do you want to work for, or aelendlageherbei company that cares These 15 jobs need to be filled ASAP We need gender neutral dress codes in the workplace. If you dont yet agree with that statement, look no farther than a 55-page presentation given to women executives at Ernst Young in a June 2018 training. pThe presentation, which made headlines last month when an offended participant a href=https// target=_blankleaked it to the Huffington Post/a, reinforced gendered stereotypes of how women should dress and present themselves at work. Some highlights, which are actually lowlights in terms of equality in the workforce/pul class=ee-ul ee-ulliA list of appearance blunders for women to avoid, including no-nos like too-short skirts, plunging necklines, bottle blonde, flashy jewelry/liliOutfit and grooming suggestions to minimize distractions from your skills sic set like good haircut, manicured nails, and well-cut attire/liliAdvice on how to dress dont flaunt your body sexuality scrambles the mind/li/ulpThe women, there to invest in their professional development, were not learning how to be better leaders or combat sexist stereotypes at work, but instead were being lectured to about what to wear and how to groom themselves./ppWhile the presentation welchesnt the official EampY dress code, it does highlight bias and assumptions made around gender that women have to manage. And this particular training focused only on the male-female binary. Employees who identify as transgender or nonbinary might feel even more burdened by dress code policies based on gender. /ppImagine how much more productive all employees, regardless of gender, could be, if they werent focused on avoiding dress code policing./ppTraditional gender-based dress codes can also discriminate on the basis of race. Many grooming guidelines for women, includ ing rules on acceptable haircuts, are extra burdens for black employees, particularly those who want to wear their hair in natural styles. a href=https// target=_blankIn 2010, Chastity Jones got a job offer/a to be a customer service representative from Catastrophe Management Solutionsbut the offer was contingent on her cutting off her locs. When she refused, the company took back the job offer, and when she sued, with the help of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, she lost her case in 2013 and again in 2016, when her appeal was dismissed. /ppAnd beyond forcing women of color to maintain their hair in a way thats deemed acceptable, gender-based dress codes can also discriminate against people of certain religions. Employees whose faiths keep them from cutting their hair or necessitate that they wear certain clothing (including head coverings) shouldnt be forced to adapt their beliefs to what their e mployer deems professionally appropriate for a woman at work./ppThe possibility for gender-, race-, and faith-based discrimination posed by prescriptive employee dress codes has a href=https// target=_blankled the Human Rights Campaign to recommend/a that if an employer has a dress code, it should modify it to avoid gender stereotypes and enforce it consistently. Requiring men to wear suits and women to wear skirts or dresses, while legal, is based on gender stereotypes. Alternatively, codes that require attire professionally appropriate to the office or unit in which an employee works are gender-neutral./ph3Okay, So Gender Neutral Dress Codes Sound Good. What Do They Look Like?/h3pIn their simplest (which, in my opinion, also means best) form, gender neutral dress codes at the workplace can take the form of General Motors dress policy. When now-CEO Mary Barra was VP of global human resources for the automotive gia nt, a href=https// target=_blankshe replaced their 10-page dress code with two words/a Dress appropriately. /ppIn the article linked above, the author explains why Barras dress code works so well She avoided assumptions, instead choosing to trust her employees judgment, which in turn empowered all employees and was particularly impactful for women. /ppFor workplaces that need more specificity about what employees can wear, HR should follow in the footsteps of other institutions that have successfully adopted gender-neutral dress codes. Namely, high schools./ppAfter a wave of protests, social media outrage, and thoughtful advocating, a href=https// target=_blankseveral schools have revamped their dress codes/a, which tended to put undue burden on female students. New guidelines apply to all students, regardless of their gender. Instead of specifying the length of skirts versus shorts or the width of a cami strap versus a tank top, a href=https// target=_blanka Virginia high schools new gender-neutral dress code/a simply defines what must be covered clothing must cover areas from one armpit across to the other armpit, down to approximately three to four inches in length to the upper thighs./ppstrongWhat does that look like at work?/strong /ppSpell out specific dress code rules by article of clothing, not by gender, use non-gendered pronouns, and make sure that any grooming guidelines could apply to anyone. Dont place burdens on anyone based on their gender, and try to empower employees to manage their own appearance in accordance with professional expectations./ppFor business casual workplaces, try this, a href=https// esources-diversity-and-legal-impact/355d9f064f53 target=_blankadapted from Forbes/a Employees should dress in business casual attire, which could include casual slacks and skirts, collared shirts, blouses, or sweaters. Inappropriate attire includes sportswear, jeans, and unkempt clothing, among other options. Please exercise good judgment./ppFor business formal workplaces, you could use the following Traditional business attire, including dresses, suits, and pantsuits, is required for external meetings with clients or prospects. Employees should use discretion on other occasions and are expected to demonstrate good judgment. /ppAnd for casual workplaces, which are on the risea href=http// target=_blankaccording to Indeed/a, 50% of companies allow employees to dress casually every day, as of 2019go with something simple, like this, a href=https// target= _blankadapted from The Balance/a Dress comfortably for work, but please do not wear anything that could offend your coworkers or make them feel uncomfortable. That includes clothing with profanity, hate speech, or exclusionary language. Your clothing, while casual, should show common sense and professionalism./ppNo matter the level of formality your dress code needs to define, make sure youre thinking from the perspective of all employeescurrent as well as futureand creating an environment where they can thrive./pp----/ppstrongWant to share these tips with your company? /strongShow them this handy one-page guide on creating a gender neutral dress code/p p class=shortcode-media shortcode-media-rebelmouse-image img alt=Gender Neutral Dress Code Guide class=rm-shortcode data-rm-shortcode-id=UGVL4K1574631551 data-rm-shortcode-name=rebelmouse-image data-runner-src=https// EwMDE3Ni9vcmlnaW4uanBnIiwiZXhwaXJlc19hdCI6MTU3NDc2NjEyMX0.5akget5uOA_9aHMcPUxY1YM_Zn2w2Yhcj7m_HSCqg7I/img.jpg?width=980 id=a14b6 type=lazy-image/ /ppbr//p

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Employees are most productive in the 10 a.m. hour of work

Employees are most productive in the 10 a.m. hour of workEmployees are most productive in the 10 a.m. hour of workNew data from the productivity platform Hive shows how productive employees are at different hours during the day andpoints out that women were winning in the work completion departmentThe data shows that women complete 10% more tasks than men. But are they assigned the same amount of work? It turns out that 54.9% of tasks are assigned to women, compared to 45.1% assigned to men. Both genders complete tasks assigned to them at a similar rate (66%), the report states.The results were based on anonymous informationfrom more than 3,000 women and men who use the Hive platform.Heres how women and men communicate at workHere are the percentages of messages that include these words at workSorry 0.7% of messages from women, 0.64% of messages from menI think 1.2% of messages from women, 1.2% of messages from menUse of Happy Emojis 0.49% of messages from women, 0.42% of messages fr om menThanks 1.77% of messages from women, 1.88% of messages from menPlease 1.05% of messages from women, 0.99% of messages from men 10.91% of messages from women, 9.09% of messages from menSad Emojis 0.07% of messages from women, 0.05% of messages from menWomen were also found to send 20% more messages than men.Heres how much work people complete at different hours of the dayHeres the productivity by hour10 am 13.07% for women, 11.25% for men11 am 9.91% for women, 10.93% for men12 pm 10.02% for women, 9.58% for men1 pm 9.71% for women, 9.09% for men2 pm 9.4% for women, 9.37% for men4 pm 9.53% for women, 9.21% for menThe data also shows that while women assign 20% more tasks to women, men do the same to their gender at the same percentage and women completed 3.59% of their work on the weekends, while men completed 4.07% of it at that time.Pooja Hoffman, Director of Marketing at Hive, commented on the research in a statementGender equality in the workplace is a multifaceted issue. I ts difficult to solve what we dont know, which is why identifying data points wherever we can is a hugely important step in the right direction. This report is a temperature check - its only the beginning for whats possible with productivity data, and proof that we can use insights as the basis for tackling some of the biggest issues of our time, she said.

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How to make the right decision Ask this question

How to make the right decision Ask this questionHow to make the right decision Ask this questionStuck making a decision?You are leid alone. Making decisions makes most people afraid. Even leaders fear the consequences of making the wrong call. Either because they want to protect their position or lack the courage to challenge the status-quo - leaders avoid taking risks.The problem with playing it too safe is that it has consequences also. Inaction can be more harmful than making a decision that is bedrngnis perfect.Stop thinking about right or wrong. Making decisions requires clarity, leid certainty. Asking one question will get you unstuck.Is it safe to try?The problem with decisions is that we are afraid of consequences that, in most of the cases, are either unclear or not real.A safe to try approach helps dedramatize decision making and move you into action. It will give you the clarity to make the call. And the confidence to pull the trigger when others are afraid of failing.Acc ording to neuroscience, decisions are emotional, not logical. You should listen to your gut and heart too, not just your brain. When you let your fears speak up, you stop listening to your common sense.Risk-avoidance is the most significant paradox of decision-making. Analysis helps eliminate unnecessary options. But making decisions requires taking risks.Making a choice is saying yes to the consequences too.Stop looking for the right decisionTheres no such a thing as a perfect decision. A right decision made at the wrong time wont do you any good either. The perfect time to make decisions is now.Its okay to take time and reflect. However, if you are letting something stew forever, you are just procrastinating.The best way to minimize risk is to make decisions in small doses.Safe-to-try decisions drive action rather than waiting for the perfect solution to arrive. They will help you choose a path, and then course correct based on real feedback rather than getting stuck by the fear o f anticipation.Perfectionism is the enemy of change, as I wrote here.Safe-to-try decisions are not perfect but they drive action, unlike indecision. To evaluate if a proposal should be accepted or rejected, consider the following with your teamWill the decision move the team backward?Will the proposal, if implemented, cause harm which can not be mitigated promptly?This Litmus test helps validate the proposal but also avoids personal bias and speculation. People are asked if they have any objection (not opinions). Objections need to be based on facts and information in the present, not on possible future tensions.If no real objections are presented, the proposal is considered safe-to-try and the team can implement it.Safe-to-try is an effective method becauseInaction can be more harmful than a decision that is not perfectDecisions are never definite, unlike analysis/paralysisYou can always course correct based on real-life feedbackIt builds a habit of making small dose decisionsIt re moves worrying about what you dont know - you focus on what you knowWhats the worst thing that can happen? Thats what you need to keep in mind. In most of the cases, the answers wont be strong enough to stop the team from trying something new. Most objections are not that solid, once you start probing them.Stop waiting for the perfect decision. Embrace an experimental mindset. Think of your decisions as in form - they can always be improved.Realizing that you cannot anticipate the future is liberating. We were trained and wired to pretend we know everything to be in control. But, more often than not, things take a life of their own.The magic of the safe-to-try method is demystifying decision-making. However, commitment still plays a significant role. Theres no room for fears or second thoughts. Even small-dose decisions need to be treated seriously. The best decision is the one you make with determination.Take the plunge. Thats the first step. Action drives excitement. You can im prove your decision in beta form.- - - In business, if you realize youve made a bad decision, you change it. - Richard Branson said about the polemic Brexit. The Virgin Group CEO believes there should be a second vote on the issue - Nothing is definite.Thats the spirit behind safe-to-try decisions. You can always course correct.This approach was originally created by Holacracy self-management practice to move teams into action. However, you can also apply it to personal decisions. Ask yourself is it safe to try?Make a list of all the potential issues.emotions. Are they based on facts or fears? Remove the objections that are real. Take the plunge.If you are not taking risks, you are not making a decision. You are just playing safe by procrastinating making the call. And thats not safe to try.Before you leaveDownload my ebook Stretch Your Team how to thrive in a changing worldget your free copy.Receive my weekly Insights for ChangemakersSign Up NowThisarticlefirst appeared on Medi um.

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These are the 5 best books of 2018 according to Bill Gates

These are the 5 best books of 2018 according to Bill GatesThese are the 5 best books of 2018 according to Bill GatesWe know Bill Gates is an immense reader. Hereads about 50 books per yearwhich means he averages about one per week. And not only is he reading about them, but then he iswriting recommendations for them on his blog, GatesNotes,and encouraging the world to adopt his vociferous appetite for books.Now he has come up with his best of the best list for the year 2018 so you too can be as successful as Bill Gates (well probably not but at least now youll have something to talk about if you ever meet him.)Here are his five recommendations.Educatedby Tara WestoverThe New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller is a beautiful coming of age story that dares us to ask the question How much of ourselves should we give to those we love?Army of None by Paul ScharreNot a light read as it focuses on a defense experts exploration of giving machines all the authority. Science magazi ne wrote of it, Engagingly detailedScharre offers an authoritative and sobering perspective on the automated battlefields that will very soon come to characterize military conflict.Bad Bloodby John CarreyrouNot to be confused with the popular Taylor Swift song (though it does center on a celebrated blond)investigative journalist Carreyrou gets down to the nitty gritty truth about Theranos and its many shady operations. The number one problem? The product never worked but founder Elizabeth Holmes couldnt let it go and kept taking money from investors.You will not want to put this riveting, masterfully reported book down. No matter how bad you think the Theranos story was, youll learn that the reality was actually far worse,Bethany McLean, bestselling coauthor ofThe Smartest Guys in the RoomandAll the Devils Are Here, wrote.21 Lessons for the 21st Centuryby Yuval Noah HarariSuch a profound and modern philosopher, Harari now takes on what dictates our future with an in-depth look atnat ionalism, religion, immigration, artificial intelligence and many other important topics. The trick for putting an end to our anxieties, he suggests, is not to stop worrying. Its to know which things to worry about, and how much to worry about them. . . .Harari is such a stimulating writer that even when I disagreed, I wanted to keep reading and thinking. . . . Harari has teed up a crucial global conversation about how to take on the problems of the twenty-first century, Gates wrote of the book.The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulnessby Andy PuddicombeIn todays busy world, who couldnt use a little meditation and mindfulness including Gates?If youre thinking about trying mindfulness, this is the perfect introduction. Its also helped me step back and get some ease with whatever thoughts or emotions are present, he wrote.If you are looking for more readshere are all 185 booksGates has recommended over the years, according to Quartz.In an interview withThe New York TimesGates s aid reading is one of his main tools for learning.These days, I also get to visit interesting places, meet with scientists, and watch a lot of lectures online, he explained.But reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding.

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Hockenberry Wins AAES Engineering Journalism Award

Hockenberry Wins AAES Engineering Journalism Award Hockenberry Wins AAES Engineering Journalism Award Hockenberry Wins AAES Engineering Journalism AwardJohn Hockenberry (center), winner of the 2015 AAES Engineering Journalism Award winner, welches joined by (left to right) ASME Executive Director Thomas G. Loughlin, Past President Madiha El Mehelmy Kotb, Immediate Past President J. Robert Sims, and ASME President Julio C. Guerrero at the ceremony on April 20. (Photo by Granted Photography)The American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES) recently honored award-winning television, cable and radio anchor John Hockenberry with its prestigious 2015 AAES Engineering Journalism Award for his work in helping promote the engineering professions impact on society. The award was presented to Hockenberry at the AAES Annual Awards Banquet and Ceremony on April 20 in Washington, D.C. Hockenberry was selected to receive the award for his outstanding contributions to improve public understan ding of standards creation and the engineering profession. These endeavors included hosting Meeting the Standard, a four-part series discussing ASMEs activities in the area of codes and stands that aired on his radio program The Takeaway in January 2014, and moderating the ASME Decision Point Dialogue session Critical Thinking, Critical Choices What Really Matters in STEM, which kicked off the U.S. News STEM Solutions Conference in Washington, D.C., in April 2014. Hockenberry was nominated for the award by ASME Executive Director Thomas G. Loughlin, who attended the AAES banquet. ASME President Julio C. Guerrero, Immediate Past President J. Robert Sims and Past President Madiha El Mehelmy Kotb also represented the Society at the ceremony. A three-time Peabody Award winner and four-time Emmy winner, Hockenberry is the creator, host and co-managing editor of The Takeaway, a morning radio news program that was co-produced by WNYC-New York Public Radio and Public Radio International in collaboration with editorial partners The New York Times and WGBH Radio in Boston. In addition to his numerous professional recognitions, Hockenberry is also a recipient of the ASME Presidents Award, which is presented to prominent individuals, industry, government agencies or to colleges and universities that havedemonstrated significant contributions to the engineering profession and to technological advancement. During his distinguished career, which has spanned more than 30 years, Hockenberry has also served as a correspondent for Dateline NBC, anchor of the MSNBC programs Hockenberry and Edgewise, correspondent for the ABC News series Day One, host of the National Public Radio call-in program Talk of the Nation, and NPRs Middle-East bureau chief and correspondent, among other notable assignments. Hockenberry, who was appointed to the White House Fellows Commission by President Barack Obama in 2009, is also the author of a novel, A River Out of Eden, and an autobiography, Moving Violations War Zones, Wheelchairs and Declarations of Independence.

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Zety Resume Help!

Zety Resume Help Essentially, you complete a shape and it generates yur resume after you decide on a template. Resumunks resume templates incorporate free resume layouts in addition to 17 premium templates offered for a yearly subscription of $19. Bigcommerce A great on-line store Builder. Opt for a resume builder template to start. Whether or not you take advantage of a CV or resume, you should thoroughly edit your document. In a CV, by way of example, if youre asking for work in education, you may want to distributions-mix your teaching experience on top of your CV. By way of example, even in North America, there are specific circumstances where a CV is necessary. For instance, if youve got a Masters degree, there isnt any point to mention the Bachelor degree too. If money is a problem, first attempt getting guidance to help you better your resume. Zety is helpful for people that are only starting their careers. You surely understand how important your resume is when youre browsing for employment. Therefore, if your are looking for a new job or simply need to update and make a perfect resume visit now Uptowork and get started creating. There isnt any point in paying for the things that are extremely obvious and mostly free. These excess sections are perfect for job seekers that are changing careers or only starting out. Today I wish to introduce you to six websites which can help you polish up a stunning new resume in less time. You may find many great resume templates, but youll have to decide if theyre likely to help or hurt your odds of landing an interview. Zety Resume - Is it a Scam? To begin with, you complete a form with your information and experience in each of the sections, which you are able to reorder and customize, then you select the template. Youre also unable to print your resume straight from the site or import an existing resume. The Zety resume creator will lead you through the procedure and provide expert strategies and suggestions to guarantee you make the the majority of your resume. Once you pick your template, you can pick from different color schemes to match your style and industry. So How About Zety Resume? The variety of templates it offers is restricted, but theyre customizable, which means there are loads of choices from which to pick. The internet application is fast and secure. To begin, you have the choice to import your Word or LinkedIn resume. Youll observe several options which it is possible to click to preview. Zety Resume Fundamentals Explained If you would like to receive a terrific result in no moment, you can think about creating a resume with Zety. Third, improve ad spending over time When it has to do with budgeting, build up budgets to get ready for maximum. Additionally, it isnt the very best value out there. Theres no doubt a good resume can generate enough interest to help you receive an interview. Its possible for you to import the simple information f rom social media such as Google, Facebook or Twitter. You may download both the very first page and the 2nd page, free of charge. Links are good for serendipity together with SEO. If you decide to click the links on our website, we might get compensation. If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Zety Resume Besides resumes, you may also cause CVs and cover letters. We attempt to provided inside this post as this may be one of very good resource for any Zety Resume thoughts. My Resume is a significant effort by Darthkix. Ever wondered of working with the waiters notepad to find work. Make certain there arent any spelling or grammatical errors. The point is to let you can boost your CV as much as you desire. The easy and creative resume is made by Raka Caesar. Last, dont neglect to have a look at our professional cover letter examples. The Meaning of Zety Resume The resume maker is really strong and provides a great level of control without being overwhelming. We created these new designs because of the expanding popularity of our explainer about how to compose an expert profile. Prior to starting with SlashCV, you ought to know that youve got to pay to take out the SlashCV brand on your resume. Thats why utilizing a professional resume builder on the internet is a superior option for anybody who would like a nice looking resume fast.

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The Upside to Curric Vitae

The Upside to Curric Vitae Key Pieces of Curric Vitae A CV is totally essential, particularly in the academic and research fields. A CV may also be described as an advertising device an individual uses to endorse himself. Your CV should always start with your own personal info and end with your references, in case you have any. Because your CV demands specific and thorough career info, it needs to be frequently updated. studienordnung vitae have become the most popular document required by applicants in the work application. The significance of your Curriculum Vitae is on top of the list since youll never satisfy your employer. In the united kingdom and several other nations, its referred to as Curriculum Vitae. Thus, your Curriculum Vitae is going to be taken on its own merits and is going to be the initial and last impression of your employment approach. You may see the work samples of a professional resume writing services to understand ways to do the very same for your curriculum vitae. It is most important if writing a resume, but in addition, it applies to CVs. As well in case you own a curriculum vitae, it doesnt imply that you will secure work, though, a superior overview of career can offer invitation to interview. Possessing an excellent CV or curriculum vitae is important as it can assist you in getting the job of your pick. Its a fast and straightforward means to produce your profile brief and sweet and provide you a substantial push to be successful. CV is a significant component in the screening procedure for the applicants and therefore should get a whole lot of effort when being written. The Pain of Curric Vitae When youre writing your CV always bear in mind that the main aim of the CV is not to secure you the job. Also enjoy a resume, you dont require a subject heading for this section. The letter was made to accompany your CV. CV Templates are used when applicants dont have the opportunity to choose how they need to make th eir CV or whenever the CV theyve sent many times does not get a response from the organizations. Distinct kinds of CV templates are also available which allows you to create a CV according to your requirements and requirements. Volunteer work may also be employed to demonstrate experience and techniques, even if you havent acquired them through paid work. In your resume, you may only include things like work experience directly associated with the job which you apply. After you have amended your curriculum vitae and made it shine out from all of the rest, then youre well on the best way to bagging the job that you dream about and everything you have to consider about then is preparing for the interviews that are certain to come your way. Allocate the biggest quantity of space to your latest job. Top Curric Vitae Secrets Generally, academic positions are those that require CVs. Furthermore, theres a strong tendency a curriculum vitae with an excessive amount of crap will land in the garbage bin. Your resumes are going to have properly aligned bullet points that make it simple for recruiters to rapidly scan through and pick out the crucial elements in your document. While there isnt any ideal template for drafting the best CV, there are a number of standard rules that ought to be followed. Facts, Fiction and Curric Vitae Instead, put forth your qualities, strengths and abilities in a way in which the recruiter is able to see the actual worth of your qualities and the way they can be utilized in the job environment to benefit the business. Your resume should be formatted in an easy, professional way. Shameless advertising plug. The Appeal of Curric Vitae Honestly, it is going to be tough for you to proofread your own writing. In several instances, you can employ your CV in place of a work application form. If you arent certain how to compose your CV or resume youll have the ability to get a variety of information about the internet today togethe r with companies that will write the document for you or just steer you in the correct direction. Keep the duration of your CV a couple of pages long based on a persons related work experience and other specifics. Most employers have a tendency to judge applicants by the visual appeal of the CV. If you are searching for work, you might have noticed that some employers request a CV rather than a resume. CVs are often tailored to modify the emphasis of the information according to the specific position for which the work seeker is applying. When looking for a work online, there are times when you will notice employers requesting a CV instead of a resume.